There are many places and websites that help ex-convicts find employment including LifeChangers, Inc., Georgia Department of Labor, Reentry Works, and Inmates to Entrepreneurs.

Each resource listed below, help ex-offenders find jobs or paths to obtain jobs.

Georgia Department of Labor – The Georgia Department of Labor has a program called Toppstep Program which helps people coming out of prisons and those under community supervision with job preparation and job search. Here is their list of jobs that hire people with backgrounds. was created to help those who want to help themselves. helps those who are chronically unemployed, formally incarcerated or those with long-term gaps in employment, with resources to help get back into the workforce. They provide you with affordable education content, useful interviewing tips, & unique features like their Job Fairs and Events Section, & their own job boards. Here is their list of jobs in each state that are available to you 

Inmates to Entrepreneurs mission is to assist people with criminal backgrounds in starting their own business by providing practical entrepreneurship education through in-person and online courses taught by successful entrepreneurs across the country. Here is the link to resources for people with backgrounds to use.

Honest Jobs is the leading national job marketplace for people affected by the criminal justice system. Since launching in 2019, we have attracted nearly 1,000 companies (13 Fortune 500) by providing technology that makes it easy to offer fair-chance employment while helping to mitigate the risk of negligent hiring at scale.

They also pride themselves on the fact that the majority of Honest Jobs employees have felonies and know the challenges first-hand.

Cobb Works/ WorkSource Cobb 770-528-4300 – CobbWorks provides access to a system of employment and education services for our community. In an increasingly complex workforce and economy, people sometimes need guidance and assistance in managing their career development, particularly when challenged with unexpected events.

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