Our goal is to reduce the rate of incarceration and recidivism in the U.S., beginning with Georgia. We do this by providing justice-involved individuals science-based life skills training, and employment skills training.

We aim to ensure a smooth transition back into society, their family and the workforce.

We are excited to work with all people – young and old – criminal record or not. Our goal is to fuel this mission, starting with high school students who would like to join our L.I.T. Internship Program.

What does LifeChangers offer? We currently offer the Virtual Employment Skills Training Workshop During this workshop, participants learn the skills needed to enter the workforce.

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We believe this is a critical first step to empowering people to not just survive but thrive. We provide support and follow-up to ensure participants are well on their way to a positive and successful future.

Combined, our team has over 20 years of experience working with justice-involved men and women to support a smooth transition back into tsociety, their families and the workforce.

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Statistics show that, when people can earn a livable wage and comfortably support their famiy, they are less likely to engage in criminal activities.

We work with each participant to learn what support they need. We are part of a vast network of organizations and agencies that provide resources we may not yet offer.

LifeChangers is determined to be a driving force in keeping justice-involved men and women out of the penal system. We will continue to work with them to paint a brighter and bigger picture for their future.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of LifeChangers is to provide support services, life skills and employment skills training to justice involved men and women.

Our Vision Statement

LifeChangers, Inc. is passionately working toward reducing the rate of recidivism from its current 63% to 20% by 2042.

Our Value Statement

We believe each person deserves another chance to become the BEST version of themselves. We believe the same support, services, and programs should be made available to ALL people, even those with a criminal record.

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