Many people who are held in jail or prison do not always have adequate skills and education, needed, to rejoin society. Many have not earned a high school diploma or GED.

Common Good Atlanta, The Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison (GACHEP) and the Laughing Gull Foundation are all places where ex-convicts can go to seek a higher education or obtain grants for a higher education.

Common Good Atlanta provides people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated with access to higher education by connecting Georgia’s colleges and professors with Georgia’s prison classrooms. Here is the link to take the classes.  

The Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison (GACHEP) is a nonprofit dedicated to building pathways from incarceration to higher education. If you are formerly incarcerated or at a Georgia Transitional Center and would like their support in pursuing higher education in Georgia, please complete this survey Here is also a list of resources provided by them. Click here to get your free guide.

Laughing Gull Foundation launched its higher education in prison program. This program aims to increase access to credit-bearing college courses for incarcerated students. Here is a link with all the – Grab your resourceful guide to level up your education. created a guide for people with prior convictions to learn about going to college. We provide information about various grants and scholarships,, advocacy programs and resources for ex-offenders, and other vital information to help them earn a degree.

grants that Laughing Gull Foundation provides.

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Care For PickensOur mission is to provide food and essential non-food items, temporary financial assistance, resource counseling and educational assistance to those in need residing in Pickens County, Georgia.  Anyone who is placed in a difficult situation due to illness, accident or any misfortune that causes them to be in a temporary or emergency need of food is welcome to be a recipient.  It is our devout hope that those who receive these goods and services will be strengthened in body and spirit.

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